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Kendo Shinai Bags

The shinai bags from Kendo Girl are made to order by hand, and each one is completely unique. They are designed to fit any size shinai, whether it is for kids or adults. The Kendo Girl shinai bags can accomodate two shinai and one bokken, features a fold-over  pocket for tsuba, and extra wide external tie. Measures approximately 55"  (140 cm) long by 6" (15 cm) wide. Coordinating interior lining,  reinforced canvas bottom. Carrying straps, extra pockets, or buttons can be added by request.

Iaido Sword Bags

The iaito bags from Kendo Girl are made to accomodate any size sword. They feature a special reinforced canvas interior mid-section keeps fabric safe from tsuba wear. The Kendo Girl iaito bags measure approximately 42" (106 cm) long by 6" (15 cm) wide and feature coordinating interior lining, secure fold over top and a reinforced canvas bottom. Fusahimo loop and/or tanto pocket available upon request. 

Naginata Sword Bags

Naginata bags at Kendo Girl can fit any size naginata. Special extra-long and durable, with three extra wide external ties. Fold-over top pocket for repair kit or other accessories. Accommodates three naginata, measuring at approximately 95" (243 cm) long by 6" (15 cm) wide. Coordinating interior lining, reinforced canvas bottom. Travel D-ring for luggage tag available by request.

Fukuro Sword Bag

The sword bags we make for fukuro focus on keeping moisture away from your sword. Custom waterproof interior liner and zipper to close keeps leather safe  and dry. Measures approximately 42" (106 cm) long by 6" (15 cm) wide.  Reinforced canvas bottom and extra wide external tie keeps your sword safe.

Aikido Sword Bag

The sword bags for aikido feature enough room for bokuto and jo in a compact, secure, durable, and unique way. The aikido bags feature an internal pocket for jo, fold over flap, external wide tie, and reinforced bottom.  Measures approximately 42" (106 cm) long by 6" (15 cm) wide.  Extra pocket for tanto available on request. 


The furoshiki has many uses, including to transport your hakama and gi to and from practice!  An essential element of Japanese culture, the furoshiki is a traditional  fabric that can cover or transport absolutely anything! Use your new  furoshiki to wrap gifts, hang on a wall, display as a tablecloth, as a  fun purse, baby bag, scarf, or for transporting groceries or other  goods. Measure approximately 36" x 36" (very large!) if not otherwise specified.  

Shinpanki Case

Shinpan ki cases are used to keeps flags clean and tidy between judging  kendo matches at tournaments or seminars. The case will fit standard  regulation size flags. It features a fold over design and external tie,  as well as reinforced stitching. It measures 38 cm x 8 cm and is handy  to keep your flags beautiful for taikai. Perfect gift for sensei. 


Each Kendo Girl tenugui is unique, crafted with a bright, 100% organic cotton  fabric, and feature imported, modern, and traditional patterns. Tenugui  are perfect for if you wish to give someone a gift at taikai or seminar.  Each tenugui is regulation size 35 cm x 90 cm with two unfinished edges  and features the double sided technique.  

Custom Sword Bags

Do you do a different sword art?  Do you have a specialty sword with unique  dimensions? Perhaps would like a carrying strap, extra pocket,  reinforcement or specific fabric? Anything is possible. Since we make each sword bag to order, you can let us know anything you'd like and we can make it happen. Most our orders are for custom ideas, so please send a message and we can make your perfect sword bag a reality. 

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