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Bright and Beautiful Custom Kendo Shinai Bags

Welcome to Kendo Girl

Unique and modern sword bags

We are proud to offer sword bags in gorgeous modern fabrics including those made with recycled obi and kimono for all sword arts - kendo, iaido, fukuro, naginata, aikido and more. 

We love our customers!

Check out what our customers are saying about our creations and see some custom projects. We love our customers and are happy to create anything and everything,  just for them! No matter what sword art you love. 

Customize to perfection

Don't see exactly what you'd like? Do you have a specialty sword with unique dimensions? Perhaps would like a carrying strap, extra pocket, reinforcement or specific fabric? Anything is possible. Send us a message with your ideas.

Kendo news and events

Curious about news and updates in the kendo world? We keep current events and kendo info over at Kendo Girl Blog, your one stop shop for all things fun, exciting, and information in the kendo world. 

Empowering Ladies in Kendo

We are proud to support women's and girls' participation and inclusion within the kendo community through the creation of scholarships. Updates on scholarships can be found on the Kendo Girl Blog.

Check out our gallery

We like to show off a little bit when it comes to the projects we have completed. We are happy to have a collection of sword bags, tenugui, furoshiki, shinpanki bags and more - check out the gallery!

What our customers are saying

"Great quality and came wrapped beautifully! Great presentation!"

"Love my bag!! It's so cute and was just what I needed for my jo, bokken and tanto. Thank you!!!!!"

"Beautiful, arrived quickly. Responded quickly to my questions."  

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